Lauren Nick

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare - fun game

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare is not just any game, not a complex turn-based strategy one in which you conduct the agriculture production of a medieval kingdom located somewhere between Ulm and where the hell is Ulm. It's a shooter game. One third person that doesn't encourage excessive levels of accuracy of precision in targeting. Besides, it also has Tower Defense modes, and there are most successful than in Plants vs Zombies itself - see extra bonuses.

The old game never seemed to me to be a good TD. What kind of TD is supposed to defend a target of enemies that come in a straight line directly toward you, and you can simply block them out? A TD, like those made in Warcraft 3, had complexity, we encourage you to strategically place towers to be able to cover them more, or put them where their properties will have the maximum effect (test out the game).

Plants vs Zombies was not that, as a results, I didn't liked it so much. But it had a beautiful song. Garden Warfare fix somehow many of these issues. The game offers multiple types of battles. You have the co-op game mode, the single player mode, where you will have to defend a waves garden of waves of zombies using your character, that can draw directly into the enemy, and various plants that you can put in pots and places in specific locations on the map. The game still not have alternative locations for them, but at least we see a higher level of involvement compared to original Plants vs Zombies. This mode could have its charm, if you play it with more people, because otherwise, why would you stay in a game that still requires an internet connection, if you play it by yourself? - get additional information.

Most of the time you will spend in PvP game modes, multiplayer shooter ones against other players. And from the start, PopCap give signs that they have thought well to the longevity of the game adding all these new elements.

In Garden Warfare you will play on the plant team or the zombies team, each faction having four basic classes and numerous variations, therefore there are multiple ways of attack. On the plant team you will have peas, as a basic agile soldier. You have the sunflower, a healer by profession and occasionally laser, which also probably has smoked all hemp. You have the cactus which is like a sniper combined with support by his small drone, mines and shield. And you have also a carnivorous plant that you can move under to ground to gobble any enemy.

On zombies team you have a basic soldier which is not as agile as peas, but has a little more arsenal. You also have a doctor who can heal like sunflower, but is more of a short-range fighter, which is why it can teleport, to get to be a faster opponent. You have an engineer that is focused more on firepower, than the cactus, but has the same drone.

All classes are sufficiently balances as a whole, that is does not provide a distinct advantage to one faction or another.

To sum up. Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare is a fun game, a nice cartoon game that will most certainly give you many hours of fun.